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 Takeout and dining in

Beginning May 6th 2020



Abendessen Hauptgerichte

Dinner Entrees

All entrees include salad and one slice German home made bread.

Additional bread $ 0.50 each slice.

Salad dressing: Ranch, German House (sweet vinegar & oil)

All additional side orders are $ 3.90 extra: fried potatoes, spätzle, cold potato salad,

             Potato dumplings, red cabbage, sauerkraut.                Extra Bratwurst $4.00


1.       Bratwurst with Red cabbage

          Two Bratwurst with red cabbage and potato salad or fried potatoes  $16.95


2.       Bratwurst with Sauerkraut

          Two-grilled Bratwurst served with sauerkraut and potato salad  $16.95


3.       Bratwurst

          One Bratwurst with fried potatoes and Sauerkraut  $16.95


4.       Wiener Style Schnitzel

          Pork-loin steak with fried-potatoes  $16.95


5.       Jaeger Schnitzel

          Center-cut pork-loin Steak topped with smothered mushrooms and

          Onion gravy with fried potatoes  $17.95


6.       Roulade with Rotkraut

          Rolled Beefsteak stuffed with pickles, onions and bacon, with

         Red cabbage and fried potatoes   $ 18.95


8.       Cordon Bleu

Ham and Swiss cheese surrounded by tender pork loin steak,

Breaded and pan-fried, with fried potatoes

(Check for availability)  $ 19.95

9.       Paprika Schnitzel

          Pork-loin steak covered with smothered bell peppers and fried-potatoes  $ 17.95




10.     Sauerbraten with Rotkraut

          Marinated beef roast in a sweet sour sauce, red cabbage, with

          Potato dumpling or spätzle  $ 19.95


11.     Goulash with Spätzle

          Tender beef tips simmered in a spicy sauce, with German spätzle  $ 16.96


12.     Schnitzel-Bratwurst Plate

          One Schnitzel with Mushroom gravy, one Bratwurst,

           Sauerkraut and fried potatoes.  $ 17.95


14.     Schweinebraten

          Pork roast, served with potato dumpling or fried potatoes and

           Red cabbage $ 17.95


15.     Frigadelle with Spaetzl

          German meat ball served with German noodles and red  cabbage. $ 16.95

Senior/Children only 


Spätzle with Mushroom gravy   $ 8.90

            One Bratwurst with fried-potatoes and red cabbage    $ 8.90

            One Wiener art Schnitzel with fried-potatoes and red cabbage    $ 8.90


Please ask for Dessert of the day.


Ice tea, free refills, $ 2.50

Sodas: Coke, Coke cero, Dr.Pepper, Sprite, Fanta, Apple Schorle, Spezi

Each $ 2.50

To go only:

(Please ask for availability) 


One loaf German art  bread ca.2 lb,  $ 6.00

One Streusel cake, about 12 servings, $ 29.00


Split plates available with all entrees for $ 4.00 extra

(not available on parties of five or more)



Bring your own wine or beer. 


Phone 254-597-2500  Email: kdsedlmaier@gmail.comWebsite:

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