Kornelia's Natural Care

No chemical Preservatives  -
No Animal Lard -
Natural Glycerin is not removed. 

My products are all handmade from scratch. They are made from natural all vegetable oils  and butters, teas, organic grains and herbs from my own organic garden. For scent, I use either essential oils or best quality natural fragrances.

My family, friends and customers with all skin types use my products and don't want to miss them anymore.

Try them and you will feel the difference - you don't ever want to use anything else anymore!



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Jewelry is the way for a woman to express herself and it also makes us feel good! Gemstones also have the power to help with the psychic and even physical issues. Each gemstone has its own lovely charm.

I had a hard time finding a connection with store bought jewelry with its lack of meaning. So, about 3 years ago, I felt a calling to create my own beaded jewelry. Living in Texas and being inspired by my daughter and her western lifestyle, I love creating necklaces with the western look but also create all kinds of modern jewelry with all sorts of gemstones that have their own powers and give a certain feeling to the person who wears them. I also love looking for little creative findings. Each one of my creations was made with love and purpose. I offer unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings to the unique woman in all of us.

Where are we?

10618 State Highway 22

Meridian, Texas 76665

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Fr.+Sat. 11:30 am - 2 pm



Wed. Thu.Fr.+Sat. 5 pm - 8:30 pm

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