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We are proud to offer you home made cooking and baking from scratch with fresh ingredients. We avoid MSG wherever we can!

We are open for RESERVATION ONLY

We are affected by staffing and resource issues as the rest of the industry in our area. To plan our small staff, we ask that groups of 4 people please call to reserve several days in advance, larger groups of 8 or more people a week in advance. 

Due to several issues now, we cannot accept Google automated reservations. Please call 254 597 2500 or email and make sure you have gotten confirmation or call to verify. 

Thank you for your understanding!

Please schedule reservation at least 5 hrs ahead 


Please be on time for your reservation or we will have to cancel

We can seat up to 8 people per table. Larger groups will need to be split up.

We also offer to-go meals and  gladly take your orders during business hours or as agreed.

Call us and order your meals. Pick up at the arranged delivery time. 


Wednesday ,Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to 8 pm.



Visit Germany without leaving the country


We will serve meals and specialties from Hessia and know you will enjoy them. Everything will be fresh and mostly homemade prepared. Sometimes, this may take a little longer, so please, sit back, relax and enjoy a little german comfortableness and coziness "Deutsche Gemuetlichkeit"!

Bring your own wine and beer
Since we are located in a dry county, please bring your own beer and wine. We will charge you $1 for each glas on the table. You can get a glas from us or bring your own.
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